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121112 Hyuna, “Sexual Controversies, Hard to Bear”

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 | 4:44 AM

Hyuna has confessed to her hardship due to her sexy image.

On November 11th of MBC ‘Section TV Celebrity Entertainment’, Hyuna expressed her thanks to PSY, ” As I appeared on PSY’s Gangnam Style, foreigners really get to know a lot about me. Even my comeback song, ‘Ice Cream’ MV has reached 20 million views on a famous video site.”

Towards a question regarding her trademark pelvic dance, Hyuna revealed, “Regarding the so-called pelvic dance, it’s not that you need a strong pelvic. You should do more thigh exercises”, expressing her know-how to pelvic dance.

Regarding her sexy image which differs from her age, Hyuna expressed, “When I hear things about that, I just feel that it’s funny” and, “That’s because my real personality isn’t like that at all”.

Hyuna explained, “It was a little hard during my high school times (regarding the sexual controversies), that’s the truth. I’ve thought of how I wanted to bear this” and, “Now, I think it simply as a talent of my own.”

“My parents, originally, don’t really talk about me to those around.” and, “They said to me, ‘You wanted to be a singer that is recognized by all’ “

Hyuna explained, “But, recently, after I finished my schedule and went back home, there was a letter from my dad left on the table” and, “It wrote there ‘My daughter rides on the popular wave, how many people are there looking for your autograph. I love you’ “

Followed with, “As I read that, I cried, but I felt happy”. Together with this, “Lately I heard that my parents boasted about their daughter to their friends for the first time. Their looks really made me teared up”.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
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