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130427 4minute Saves the World by Asking Zombies “What”s Your Name?”

Written By Unknown on Friday, April 26, 2013 | 9:00 PM

4minute has been asking for a name for the past week or so, but once you learn who the group has been after all this time, you′ll either fall out of your seat in terror or burst out laughing.

4minute released the music video to its new single What′s Your Name? on April 26. The song is a piece by the hit-making composer Brave Brothers, which practically guarantees the song a Brave Brothers brand of addictiveness.

With the song comes a cute hip-hop dance routine, along with some neon and a whole lot of spangles.

For the first two-thirds of the video, it′s all about the bling bling and the partying, as everything goes the way such music videos would go. The members are bored out of their wits in their pink room when they get a phone call calling them out, and they arrive in the street to be surrounded by men from all kinds of vocations.

Seeing no man that tickles their fancy, the girls head to a makeup room to get them selves made up supposedly for another party.

And soon they′re hit with the party of their lives.

Jeon Ji Yoon′s all done and starts sifting through a magazine, when a breaking news report on TV catches her eye.

Zombies have taken over the world.

Yes, zombies. In party wear.

Jeon Ji Yoon calls the members around the TV as they make a fuss about what they see, when suddenly they all notice something horrifying.

′The door opens and you come in handsome,′ the lyrics say, as the neon-clad zombies and the zombified versions of the men they hit on in the street that afternoon come crawling in the door.

A fight ensues (involving chairs, police batons, hair dryers and a lot of silent screaming) and the girls escape to the street they were in earlier, only to be surrounded by more zombies.

Someone screams, the video goes out, and all seems lost…when the video comes back on to show 4minute has seemingly managed to conquer the zombies with their new song.

In the Thriller-like scenes, all the zombies dance hip-hop with 4minute while in others, the members are shown asking for the names of the zombies they′ve managed to capture, who all have signs reading ′No Name′ around their necks.

So it is that 4minute saves the day.

Once you get over the flashing colors and the quick-paced, dizzying editing, as well as the presence of zombies, you have to admit the idea is pretty cute.

But we just want to ask why.


Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Photo credit: Cube Entertainment

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