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121102 Photos Sexy Ladies Hyuna Heat Up ‘M Countdown’

Written By Unknown on Thursday, November 1, 2012 | 9:53 PM

The November 1 live broadcast of Mnet’s M Countdown brought out some of K-Pop’s sexiest ladies to heat up the stage.

4minute’s Hyuna also made her comeback on M Countdown, performing new single Ice Cream and Don’t Fall Apart.

121102 Hyuna, Busier than Busy!.. Solo in Korea · 4minute Abroad

Girl group 4minute’s Hyuna spends a busy time balancing between both local and overseas activities.

Currently, Hyuna is staying in Indonesia for 4minute promotions. Despite releasing her solo album recently, Hyuna is still busy promoting as a 4minute member.

Prior to her release of her mini album, Hyuna was promoting in Japan for a week. As for now, 4minute is visiting Indonesia for the first time for event, ‘Volume Up Party’, as well as attending to a few media interview and showcases.

A representative of Hyuna expressed to Star News, “Hyuna has been spending a busy time even before her solo release due to promotions in America, Japan and other countries,” and, “They will be visiting America along with BEAST again next week. There were also flooded requests locally too.”

As a solo singer, Hyuna has received hot responses as a ’Sexy Diva’ from overseas. Recently, she took the #1 spot on China’s music video chart, ‘YinYueTai’.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Star News

121031 4Minute Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ Music Video Makes it on YouTube’s Top 9 Videos of the Week

Hyuna’s Ice Cream music video is continuing to prove to be too sweet to resist with viewers on YouTube.

The Huffington Post revealed the past week’s most-watched videos which is based off YouTube’s ‘YouTube Trends’ which aggregates the video site’s video stats and real-time trends.

According to the site, Hyuna’s Ice Cream music video was the week’s third hottest video on YouTube coming behind the videos, ‘How to Pick up a Girl at the Gym’ and the new Iron Man 3 teaser trailer.

The music video for Ice Cream continues to rack up views on YouTube with the latest view count showing it had some 17.6 million views (as of 11 a.m. October 31 KST).

Proving the craze of parodying Psy’s Gangnam Style hadn’t died down yet, a “Minecraft Style” parody video also happened to come in fourth for the week, right behind Hyuna.

121031 Will Hyuna be successful like PSY?

“England’s influential media The Guardian has introduced Hyuna’s title track, ‘Ice Cream’ and mentioned that she could be following the footsteps of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’.

Guardian has published an article stating “If anyone could follow Psy’s success it would be 4Minute’s very own Hyuna”. It further explained that Hyuna who attracted attention with her last single,’Bubble Pop’,has made a comeback with ‘Ice Cream’.

Previously, ‘Ice Cream’ MV was introduced on America’s prestigious music site ‘Billboard’ as ‘Must Watch MV’. Another America online portal ‘Examiner‘ commented, “Before ‘Gangnam Style’, Hyuna has become a star through Bubble Pop’. In ‘Ice Cream’ MV, Hyuna is filled with sexy as well as sweet charms”

In Peru, the attention received by ‘Ice Cream’ was high too. Peru’s biggest radio network and famous radio station in Poland, too, has expressed that, “Including England and America, various media from South America and Europe are expressing their anticipation for Hyuna’s promotions this time round.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.comSource: Osen

121101 Hyuna’s 3 Main Background/Qualities?

Even before her broadcast activities, her new song MV on their Youtube official channel has already hit 10 million within just 4 days. It’s a new record for Korean singers. It has also reached to those overseas, and her release of her new song is gaining much attention.

It’s the same for broadcasters too. Party from KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’, which was her first broadcast of her new song, even gave her as long as 7 minutes and 3 songs for her performance. When her title track was revealed on music sites, she quickly gained the #1 spot at the same time, and still is in the TOP 10 charts of Melon, Bugs, Olleh Music, Monkey3, Soribada and various charts on the 26th.

These phenomenon came from a member of girl group 4minute, Hyuna’s comeback as a solo singer.

◆ Reached 20 years old, Sexy charms upgraded to another level
The core of Hyuna’s ‘Ice Cream’ wave starts with ‘sexy’. In 2010, Hyuna debuted with her solo track ‘Change’ and made a comeback with ‘Bubble Pop’ last year, as well as forming a duet unit with BEAST’s Jang Hyunseung in ‘Trouble Maker’. She’s one of the supreme sexy female icon in Korea’s entertainment industry. Her dance moves, expression, each of them, give outs a female singer’s best sexy charms, and that sexiness is what that caught fans’ enthusiasm.

Born in 1992, turning 20 years old this year, Hyuna who is now an adult, has released dance song ‘Ice Cream’ produced by Brave Brothers, in which she has push further another level of sexiness. In ‘Ice Cream’ MV, she had shown provocative expressions and even a bubble bath scene. From her age’s perspective, she did not refrain from doing so, as compared to previous release, and is showing her sexiness, one of her strongest point.

However, it’s not true that Hyuna’s exposure depends only on sexiness. Her remarkable wave dance even while wearing clothes has created sexiness too. Her cute charms further made Hyuna’s sexiness even stood out.

A representative who has been in the entertainment industry for almost 20 years commented, “Hyuna’s sexiness seems to be given” and, “her looks, body and even her dancing skills, every sides of these criteria don’t come out this easily, therefore it is rare to have such singer,” while expressing his anticipation for Hyuna’s promotions.

◆PSY’s effect too
The timing further boosted Hyuna’s latest track’s release.

During summer, Hyuna made an appearance on PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ music video which has 500 million views within 98 days and currently having 530 million clicks recorded. In his video, Hyuna danced the horse dance showing a cute side of Hyuna.

America’s Billboard.com commented that immediately after Hyuna’s release of her MV, it was introduced as the ‘Must Watch MV of the week’ and much anticipation were given for her comeback, America online media, Examiner, commented, “Hyuna has become a star since Bubble Pop, even before Gangnam Style”, and “Hyuna has shown a sexy and sweet look in Ice Cream MV”.

Russia’s MTV, too, has high anticipation for her performance and MV, too, crowning Hyuna as the sexiest star in Korea.

Hyuna along with Gangnam Style’ success has gained worldwide publicity. As she shows her charms in the music video, both fans in and out of Korea are paying much attention to her.

◆ Strong fundamentals and hard working since young
No matter how good are the qualities, if one fails to catch this opportunity, then everything is useless. From this perspective, Hyuna has already prepared for this stardom.

Since elementary high school, she had learn dance, singing, rapping and debuted as a Wonder Girls member in 2007 during her middle high 2nd year. But due to health reason, Hyuna had left Wonder Girls and 2 years later, she became part of 4minute’s member (2009). Up till today, she is both a girl group member and promotes as a solo singer too.

Hyuna’s agency, Cube Entertainment vice president, Noh HyunTae expressed that “Hyuna is really the hardworking type”, and, “Within a short period, she had to learn to dance and sing, she’s not neglecting practicing lately too.”

Noh vice president continues, “In particular, some songs in the mini album was written by Hyuna herself such as ‘Very Hot’ and ‘To My Boyfriend’. It’s Hyuna’s different side, and she tried to produced them very passionately”, and, “She’s happy as the promotions for this comeback is gaining attention.”

Her skills, and her charms, even before her broadcast, she has already become a hot issue in the entertainment industry.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Star

121101 Hyunah, "The burden of expectations felt heavier on my shoulders..."

4minute's Hyunah sat down to talk about her collaboration with Worldstar PSY.

The 20 year old met with Star News reporters while she was awaiting her turn on stage, in the waiting room of KBS Music Bank.

She started off, "PSY oppa featuring in the music video for "Ice Cream" gave me a lot of strength. Since he gave me his help, I felt even more determined to do even better."

Hyunah made her return with her new mini album "Melting" released on October 21 and was getting ready for her first comeback stage on Music Bank on the day of our interview.

This time around, Hyunah planned to show three different colours of her stage persona by showcasing three performances. She expressed, "Because I want to meet the expectations of the audience and fans, I felt even more pressured as the burden of expectations on my shoulders felt heavier."

She continued by saying, "In order to show you a good performance, I practiced even more. You will be able to see a fresh side and more charming image of me in all three performances through various and different styles."

As Hyunah was getting ready to make her comeback through her first stage on Music Bank that day, we asked her about the music video of "Ice Cream" which garnered a hot response immediately after its release.

British newspaper, The Guardian was quoted saying about Hyunah, "If anyone was to follow up to PSY's success overseas, it would indeed be Hyunah."

The Billboard's website also chose "Ice Cream" as the video of the week.

Hyunah revealed, "It was an honor for me to be part of the music video of PSY oppa's "Gangnam Style." Despite his busy schedule, he still found time to make an appearance in mine, I am very greatful to him for this. It seems that having PSY oppa featured in the music video was helpful to make the views soar in a short time."

Source: Star News
Cr: Yoobin @ 4-minute.com

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