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130715 4Minute’s Nam Jihyun Most Popular at Clubs

Written By Unknown on Tuesday, July 16, 2013 | 4:25 AM

Guests who’s member of 4minute really captures attention while doing some clubbing? It’s Nam Jihyun.

Nam Ji Hyun is just more than a pretty face, she was also the leader of the group 4Minute and got every eyes rolling at her especially when the group has guest appearances at clubs.

Nam Ji Hyun appeared as a guest on July 13 on KBS Cool FM ‘Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio’, and told that Nam Ji Hyun garened so much attention mostly at clubs.

During the broadcast, Hyun Ah another member of 4Minute shares that Ji Hyun definitely an eye catcher and most popular member of the group when going to clubs.

Hyun Ah reveals her experiences with Nam Ji Hyun at a club stating, “I once went to a club with her, and guys suddenly approached to Nam Ji Hyun. So, I guarded her so that people cannot approach her.”
Nam Ji Hyun replied by saying, “Many people do not know that I am a 4Minute member. But, I don’t know if this is something that I should be happy about.”

This girls really rocks the house not only by their music but also by their charms.

130715 4Minute Reveals Adorable Self-Cam Pictures Online

The girl kpop group 4Minute got their time-up from their busy group schedule and just do some fun stuff together for their fans. They come up with taking their pictures as a group but sadly HyunA wasn’t their but it’s still the photo looks amazing.

4minute decided to took an adorable group shot without their sexiest leader HyunA who was busy also for promoting her solo album and counting pursuing her career it’s not like she’s leaving 4Minute, she done a solo album before and still performs with her group also. So fans no need to worry about it.

Sohyun asked their fans on Twitter saying, “4minute♥ Is it poppin~~~~? kekekekeke group selca ke”, and also noted on the selca set, “HyunA is sleeping”, explaining why HyunA wasn’t in the group shot.

Fans who saw their uploaded photos gave their comments by saying “It really is poppin”, “I was wondering why HyunA wasn’t there”, and “All of them are cute, funny, and sexy.”

4Minute has a way to charm fans and they will still continue to top charts because they are one of the best girl group in town.

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