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140819 HyunA says she has no time to think about boyfriends + is moved to tears on “HyunA”s Free Month”

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 | 2:42 AM

She was asked, “What do you do when you want to meet a boyfriend?” She said, “These days, I don”t think about stuff like that. I do think about those stuff when I”m not busy, but not nowadays. This time, we prepared for the album longer than usual. When I start promoting, there are even times I release nine albums in a year, so I have no leisure to think about other things. If I start promoting, I can”t sleep for about a month and a half.”

Oksang Dalbit said, “We always have to sleep 8 hours a day.”

In addition, Oksang Dalbit performed, “You Did Well Today, Too,” which caused HyunA to shed tears.

HyunA said, “There were a lot of things I was trying for the first time during this promotion, so I felt a lot of burden, but it was also fun. It was my first time on a reality program by myself and thought ambitiously, “What a shame. I want to do this longer.”

There are a lot of things I want to say and I heard a lot of people say they changed their minds about me, saying, “So HyunA was this kind of person,” while watching “Free Month.” I am really grateful to the production crew for making it well and prettily.”

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