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140723 HyunA releases MV teaser for solo comeback, “Red”

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 | 1:57 AM

After teasing fans with photos, HyunA has finally released her MV teaser for solo comeback track, “Red”!

The track sounds like it’ll be a hard dubstep/trap song, something a little outside HyunA’s regular realm but still right up her alley!

Check out the teaser below:

Her comeback stage will be taking place on the 25th and album release is on the 28th.

140723 Take a Look At 4Minute’s HyunA’s Hipster Fashion in “Grazia” Magazine

Girl group, 4Minute’s HyunA, worked with “Grazia” magazine and suggested the hipster concept for the photo shoot.

In the photo shoot with “Grazia” magazine, HyunA showed her professionalism and various of poses. She received compliments like, “I want to cut her out and keep her in my pocket.”

After the photo shoot, she sat down with “Grazia” and revealed the simple leisure she enjoyed. She said, “I enjoy going on walks. I usually walk around the park or look around small shops. At times, I play badminton with the company staff at a badminton court near my house.”

She also revealed that her other hobby is viewing artworks. She said, “Usually, I enjoy looking at photo albums. It’s surprising that I like Contemporary Art, right? While preparing for this album, I tried to find pop arts and any etchings of figures. When I look at cool images, time seems to fly by.”

HyunA’s hipster pictorials can be found in the 35th edition of “Grazia” magazine.

Meanwhile, HyunA’s new solo mini album, “A Talk” will be released on July 28.

140719 HyunA Reveals Tracklist for Upcoming Solo Mini Album “A Talk”

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, July 21, 2014 | 2:51 AM

After teasing us with sexy teaser images, 4Minute‘s HyunA revealed the track list to her upcoming solo mini album “A Talk” through her agency’s Twitter account.

The mini album will have five tracks, including the title track and the main track “Red.” The other tracks are “French Kiss,” “Black List,” and “From Where to Where” which featured BEAST‘s Yang Yo Seob. HyunA is also credited for writing the lyrics to “From Where to Where” and “Black List.”

140718 Hyuna continues to seduce with new teaser images

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, July 17, 2014 | 9:42 PM

Hyuna looks seductive in the new set of teaser images for 3rd mini album “A Talk”.

She poses sexily in white for the latest set of pictorials and shows off her feminine charm in lingerie, check out more photos below:

140717 4minute leader Jihyun cheers on HyunA”s solo comeback

Jihyun asked fans to make sure to cheer on her fellow 4minute member HyunA”s solo comeback with “A Talk“.

On July 16, Jihyun posted the adorable photo above as well as the following message on Instagram, “Whose red fingernails~? It”s her. HyunA comeback fighting!”Though the 4minute leader”s face is in the photo, it looks like it was HyunA”s peace sign in front.

Cube Entertainment previously confirmed that HyunA will be documenting her comeback process via her new reality program “HyunA”s Free Month“, which is set to air on the 21st before the release of “A Talk” on the 28th.

Are you excited for HyunA”s solo comeback?!

140717 Hyuna Is a Total Fox in New “RED” Teasers

Hyuna’s new title track for her EP “A Talk” will be “RED.” Cube Entertainment announced this on July 17 on Facebook, along with the release of some hot teaser images. Four images were released in total, Hyuna striking various poses in a red dress and jet black curls in front of a mirror.

The new concept for “RED” is simple. Red is the color of the powerful and sexy image of Hyuna.

“RED” will be released on July 28, and will be Hyuna’s first solo comeback in a year and nine months. As many idols are starting to do nowadays, Hyuna had a big hand in the new comeback, participating in the song concept, performance, and styling.

The 4Minute member is also starring in her own variety show, called “Hyuna’s Free Month.” It will air its first episode on July 21 on SBS MTV, showing the behind-the-scenes of the production process for Hyuna’s new album, as well as glimpses into her daily life.


140715 HyunA’s Cool Summer Photo To Help People Forget The Heat

Written By Kim Regina on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 | 3:13 AM

4Minute HyunA posted an every-day photo that looked like a photo shoot.

On July 11, HyunA posted a picture of herself on her Instagram.

In the picture, HyunA wore a cute white mini dress and posed in a cute way. Her white skin and long skinny legs stood out.

In response people said, “if I was wearing that I would look like a ghost,” “I”m looking forward to her solo album!” “and “She is a goddess.”

HyunA will be releasing a solo album in mid July and raising the hopes of her fans.

140716 HyunA’s Upcoming Solo TV Show Announces Official Name and Premier Date

4Minute‘s HyunA has set a date and a name for her upcoming reality TV.

With her comeback set for July, HyunA had also announced that she would have her own solo reality TV program on SBS MTV. Fans will be able to anticipate a behind-the-scenes look into the preparations being made for her return as a solo artist, including the jacket photo shoot, music video shoot, and more. HyunA plans to show her everyday self, as she goes through the entire comeback process—starting with the steps leading up to her first stage, as well as during her solo activities.

The show will be called “HyunA’s Free Month” and air its first episode on Juky 21 at 11pm KST.

A broadcast representative expressed, “HyunA has done solo promotions three times already. This time, she is planning to fully demonstrate her abilities as a solo artist and we will try to focus the spotlight on that aspect through the broadcast.”

140716 Hyuna’s reality program title confirmed as “Hyuna’s FreeMonth”

A reality program about Hyuna’s solo comeback will be airing on SBS MTV from the 21st of July at 11 pm KST.

Originally, the title of the show was to be “Sexy Queen”, however the producers of the show have decided to change the title to “Hyuna’s FreeMonth’.

Hyuna released her most recent solo album a year and 9 months ago, and thus this program aims to show her fans all progress that has been made in to preparing this comeback album due at the end of July; from her choreography practice sessions to recording.

Will you be tuning in?

Source: Sports DongA

140716 Hyuna’s solo comeback concept described to be “best one yet”

The sexy queen, 4minute’s Hyuna, is spending the last few days preparing for her solo comeback scheduled for mid July. She has already started the photo shoot for her album’s jacket cover and filming for the music video.

140716 HyunA Releases Seductive Teaser Photos for Solo Comeback “A Talk”

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 | 11:55 PM

4Minute member HyunA is preparing to make a comeback as a solo artist and released several sexy teaser images through her Agency’s official Twitter account.

The teasers show HyunA posing in a bathtub with not much more than killer heels and earrings. For her new look, HyunA puts the focus on her red lips and her waves of midnight hair.

The teasers show that HyunA will promote her third mini album titled “A Talk.” Along with her mini album, HyunA recently revealed that her solo reality tv show will be called “HyunA’s Free Month” and air on SBS MTV starting July 21.

HyunA will release “A Talk” on music charts and the music video on July 28.

Check out these sexy photos and stay tuned for more updates!

140710 Brian, 4Minute’s Gayoon, C-Clown’s Kangjun and More in “Off to School” Poster Video

Written By Kim Regina on Thursday, July 10, 2014 | 3:48 AM

Television channel jTBC has uploaded a behind-the-scenes video featuring Fly to the Sky’s Brian, 4Minute’s Gayoon and other stars of the forthcoming entertainment show, “Off to School.” The video shows the group of celebrities, which also includes C-Clown’s Kangjun, posing for a promotional photo shoot in school uniform.

140708 1,000 People Rush To Audition For HyunA’s Dance Crew

HyunA, who plans to return with a solo album, held auditions for her dance crew.

On July 6, HyunA held Cube”s dance audition “PLAYBACK, HYUNA” at Seoul”s Apgujung to select dancers for her solo stage.

“PLAYBACK” is a new type of audition to select Hyuna”s crew members for her upcoming solo album, planned to release this month.

On that day, 1,000 people dancers and hopeful singers filled the audition hall; professional and amateur dancers from all over the country came to demonstrate their skill.

The judges of the audition included Cube Entertainment”s performance director Kim Se Hwan. HyunA also visited the scene of the audition to watch the process.

The audition was held until 9 PM – dancers demonstrated mission-based and freestyle-based choreography to be evaluated on several categories. The selected applicants will receive the honor of performing with Hyuna during her solo album promotion.

Meanwhile, HyunA will release her solo album later this month.

140708 HyunA’s Comeback Dancing Team Audition Attracts 1,000 Hopefuls

Written By Kim Regina on Monday, July 7, 2014 | 10:07 PM

Over 1,000 talented dancers showed up for the dancing crew audition of HyunA‘s solo comeback.

The 4minute member, who will be releasing a new album later this month, held open auditions on July 6 at a location in Seoul to find new backup dancers to join her on stage.

From the early morning until the late evening, both local and international hopefuls put their skills to test in the hopes of charming the jury. The audition attracted K-pop fans from all around the world, and a total of 1,000 people took advantage of the great opportunity.

While HyunA personally paid a visit to the location, the news was not revealed to the contestants. Instead, the main judge of the audition was Kim Se Hwan, who is the leading Performance Director of Cube Entertainment.

Those who managed to leave an impression on the jury with their dance skills will be given the chance to join HyunA in performing her new hit on various stages.

In related news, HyunA is set to return soon with a new solo album, and fans will be also able to follow her journey through a reality show.

140707 DickPunks to release project single featuring 4minute’s Jiyoon

Written By Kim Regina on Sunday, July 6, 2014 | 8:43 PM

DickPunks confirms their collaboration with 4minute’s Jiyoon!

Earlier today, DickPunks updated their official Twitter account and confirmed the news that they have worked with Jiyoon for a special track. The update also included a photo of the members with JIyoon at a band studio.

The project single is scheduled to be released on July 11th.

This will be their first material since releasing “Hello Goodbye” last year.

Are you looking forward to this collaboration?

랩이면 랩! 노래면 노래! 못하는게 없는 포미닛 지윤양과 함께!!! 7월 11일 기대해주세요!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/nyfJmZ3o3J

— DICKPUNKS (@Band_DICKPUNKS) July 6, 2014

Source: DickPunks’ Twitter

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