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140618 4Minute celebrates their 5th year anniversary + releases music video “Thank You”

Written By Kim Regina on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 | 9:13 PM

4Minute has reached their fifth anniversary as a group since their debut in 2009.

Following their debut track “Hot Issue” in June 2009, the group has escalated far in the K-Pop scene, earning numerous awards, and succeeding in duo (2YOON) and solo (Hyuna) projects. Over the years, group magazine shoots with such brands as CeCi, 1st Look, Elle, and more grew, as well as endorsement contracts for Sony Walkman, Samsung La Fleur Collection, Arena Homme, PUCCA, etc. From 2009 to 2013 the group released nine Japanese tracks, and leader Nam Jihyun also got cast into a handful of dramas and movies.

With these successful five years, the group released a music video titled “Thank You,” commemorating various events in which they interacted with and performed for fellow 4NIA’s. The video includes live concerts, fan-meetings, and a peak behind-the-scenes regarding concerts and other onstage performances. Viewers can gain more insight to the natural personalities and antics of 4Minute, and reminisce about the group’s five years of performances and growth.

The video ends with a special handwritten letter dedicated to all their fans.

Source: 4Minuteofficial

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