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121018 2PM’s Junsu and 4minute’s Jihyun participate in love variety program ‘The Romantic & Idol’

Written By Unknown on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 | 9:48 PM

2PM‘s Junsu (or Minjun) and 4minute‘s Jihyun were two of the idols who were recently whisked away to Korea’s hot vacation spot Jeju-do on a romantic vacation for tvN‘s love variety program, ‘The Romantic‘.

‘The Romantic’, which featured non-celebrity bachelors and bachelorettes previously, has decided to conduct a spin-off entitled ‘The Romantic & Idol‘ for its third season. It has been revealed that eight idols were cast for the show and recently finished filming in Jeju-do. The celebrities were able to enjoy dates in cafes and go grocery store shopping while surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the island.

A staff member revealed, “[Viewers] will be able to see the natural sides of idols in their 20s off the stage.” This spin off will be directed by Lee Myung Han PD and ‘Reply 1997‘ writer Lee Woo Jung.

‘The Romantic & Idol’ will premiere on November 11th.

121017 Hyuna’s new song,”Adult version of ‘Change’.. New Bohemian Concept”

As information of Hyuna’s new song ‘Ice-Cream’s concept has been revealed, it has started to attract attention.

Cube Entertainment has revealed her very first teaser on the 15th. As regards to the pictures, they expressed that, “It was filmed using the New Bohemian concept” and, “It is to show Hyuna eating and sleeping in the car.”

In one shot, Hyuna was seen wearing stockings while in another, she was seen barefooted with a blanket in the car. Through her living conditions, a New Bohemian vibe can be felt. Jacket pictures revealed on this day have shown Hyuna’s both distinctive sexy gaze yet cute expressions, as well as her entangled hairstyle.

The music itself is indeed the same as the New Bohemian style concept. A representative spoke, “It’s a song that maximizes Hyuna’s only charms. We want to show an adult version of ‘Change’ “. ‘Adult version’ emphasizes on an adult’s freedom rather than on its glam and exposure.”

Hyuna’s title song, “Ice-Cream’ is a Hip Hop song that uses strong sound. Since it’s collaborated firstly between hit producer Brave Brothers and Hyuna, it has started to become a hot topic.

Her 2nd mini solo album, which includes title track, ‘Ice-Cream’ will be released on the 22nd on various online music sites.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Star Today

121017 HyunA’s “Very Hot” banned from KBS and MBC

4minute HyunA’s new track “Very Hot” off of her upcoming solo album ‘Melting’ has been deemed unfit for broadcast by MBC and KBS.

On October 17th, Cube Entertainment “Specific brand name (Kakao Talk) included in the lyrics caused a problem. The lyrics for the track reflects HyunA’s real and average life off the stage and the brand name was a part of that process. It hasn’t been decided whether we’ll be fixing the lyrics or not.”

The song “Very Hot” drew a lot of attention as it is HyunA’s first co-produced and co-written track. Meanwhile, ‘Melting’ will be released on October 22nd.

Source: Star News

121017 HyunA reveals additional photos + tracklist for ‘Melting’

With the release date of her solo mini album approaching, HyunA has unveiled a few more photos along with the list of songs included in ‘Melting‘.

A total of five tracks are said to be contained in the album including the already mentioned title track, “Ice Cream“.

One of the notable new tracks is “Very Hot“, which is a song she has participated in both the writing and composing process for the first time.

“Don’t Fall Apart” is another song in the release and is described as one that depicts HyunA’s feelings on releasing a new solo album.

The idol will attempt the ‘teen-pop’ genre with “Unripe Apple” which sings of a girl who wants to be seen as an innocent girl in front of her boyfriend, and BTOB‘s Ilhoon is said to have participated in the rap making for the song.

Hyuna also helped write the lyrics for another track, “To My Boyfriend“, which is said to be a HyunA’s take on an emotional ballad.

As mentioned previously, HyunA will be releasing her new solo effort on October 22nd.

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