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130307 HyunA reveals she’s a big fan of D-Unit

Written By Unknown on Thursday, March 7, 2013 | 7:01 PM

HyunA revealed that she’s been a fan of D-Unit ever since they debuted!

A photo of HyunA with the rookie girl group was posted onto D-Unit’s Facebook with the simple caption “D-UNIT & HyunA“. Reportedly, even though HyunA was busy, she made time to see D-Unit just to be able to meet them.

She confessed, “I’ve liked them ever since they debuted. I always made sure to watch every show D-Unit came out on. If I get the chance, I’d like to work with them in D-Unit.”

Of course, D-Unit couldn’t hide their excitement at HyunA’s attention, and they replied, “If we work together with the world-famous star HyunA sunbae, we’d be so happy“.

Representatives from D-Unit and 4minute agreed on the possibility of working together stating, “If the date and concepts match up, then it’s not impossible“.

How do you think D-Unit would be if HyunA was part of the group?

130307 HyunA Looks Adorable at a Restaurant

Recently on an online community bulletin board, several photos were uploaded under the title, “HyunA having a meal at a restaurant! She looks so girly here.”

In the pictures is 4minute‘s HyunA in a casual outfit. She is wearing a white hoodie, denim jacket, and a bright orange hat. In the photos, HyunA looks happy and excited as she looks at the food on the table. Unlike her usual sexy look on stage, HyunA looks adorable in these pictures.

Netizens that saw these photos commented, “Lovely,” “She is so cute,” “Is she being shy here?” “She looks playful,” “She looks cute even in her everyday life,” “These photos make me smile.”

Meanwhile, HyunA recently became the first Korean singer to decorate the cover of British magazine “Pop.”

130306 4minute and B2ST Praise Each Other Before the “Cube Concert”

4minute and B2ST teamed up for the first time in a while, saying good things about each other and gearing up for their performances at the Cube Concert.

Cube Entertainment artists 4minute, B2ST, G.Na, BTOB and Roh Ji Hoon attended the press roundtable held before the 2013 United Cube Concert Cube Party held on February 2.

B2ST and 4minute especially warmed the air by exchanging compliments.

Yang Yo Seop of B2ST said about 4minute, “4minute is a team that′s always beautiful and lovely,” and added to laughs from his audience, “I wish we could become better friends.”

Fellow member Lee Gi Kwang added, “4minute becomes more attractive the more you look.”

4minute′s Hyuna answered, “We feel reassured thanks to the B2ST oppas (big brothers), because they′re loved wherever we go.”

4minute and B2ST performed in special performances that rearranged their hits in an entirely new style, even swapping some for the other group to sing.

The Cube Concert has toured the world, even landing in Japan, London and São Paulo in 2012. The concert will take place again in Japan on February 21.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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